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Get the Most Bang for Your Buck- Content Marketing and its ROI

Any marketer with a finger on the pulse of digital marketing trends will tell you that content is king- content marketing is one of the most important factors in attracting new visitors and converting them into new customers.  While understanding that your marketing efforts need compelling copy is one thing, understanding what types of content to use is another matter entirely.  There are several different types of content, from featured articles and blog posts, to videos and infographics.  You have to carefully choose which medium to pursue, according to your budget, your type of content, and your target audience.  But what content types are the best investments for your valuable marketing resources?  eMarketer broke down a 2013 study conducted by content marketing software company CopyPress and listed the content types with the highest return on investment, and the results might be surprising:

Featured articles, video, and white papers are the most cost-effective content types for marketing.  Articles and white papers in particular are great assets because they are inexpensive to produce, and help brands establish themselves as thought leaders and educate prospective leads all along the marketing funnel.  While video is an effective marketing tool, the study highlighted several of the challenges that marketers can face when working in the medium; almost half of the participants in the study described videos as “difficult to create”.  However, its success in engaging users makes up for its sometimes cantankerous creation; inSegment has created marketing videos for several of our clients, and we recommend them as a great tool in lead conversion and thought leadership.

Interestingly, infographics are near the bottom of this list, with only a 27.9% ROI.  This statistic would seem to belie a trend in digital content; infographics are proliferating, especially among online brands.  However, participants in the study cited the high cost and difficulty in producing infographics as reasons for the medium’s low score.

inSegment internet marketing uses content marketing as a strategy in several of our services, including Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  Other marketers are taking notice of the tactic, too; the CopyPress study noted that 34.8% of participants named content marketing as their “leading focus” for their 2013 marketing efforts, making it the top priority cited in the study.

If you aren’t using content marketing as one of your digital marketing strategies, it’s about time to start.


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