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SEO’s Next Big Steps: Co-Citation and Co-Occurrence

Google has changed its search algorithms yet again, forcing digital marketers to think on their feet and adapt to a new way of increasing search ranking on the engine.  In the past, keywords, back-links, and anchors were an SEO professionals bread and butter; they were the top ways to ensure your content would rank highly in a search.  However, with the new algorithm adjustments that Google has begun to introduce, new methods are poised to become even more significant than anchor text has been.  According to Search Engine Journal, the two new SEO tactics to watch are co-citation and co-occurrence.

Co-citation is the process of link building without using physical links.  While anchor text relies on links that are actually embedded in content, co-citation depends upon a third-party website that successfully mentions two websites in correlation to each other.  Here it is, illustrated:

Site B and Site C are not in any way physically linked- they are only related to each other because of Site A’s co-citation.  However, because of that co-citation, Google identifies a relation (a link) between those two sites, and it takes that relation into serious account in a search’s rankings.

Co-occurrence is a hotly debated topic among SEO professionals; some claim that it is identical to co-citation, while other analysts and professionals state that co-occurrence is a separate tactic altogether from co-citation.  These professionals define co-occurrence as an association between two phrases or keywords that are in close proximity to each other. Google then recognizes this relation between keywords, and counts it as a search factor.  This is what co-occurrence looks like:

A small number of citations will not improve your search ranking in any significant way, but it certainly helps your SEO program get on the right track.  Furthermore, associations that are supported numerous times by impartial sources can certainly have a positive impact on your site’s search ranking and reputation.

So, how do you earn co-citation and co-occurrence?  The answer is the same strategy that is behind every successful SEO tactic: create consistent, high quality content; become an active contributor across several online mediums; and touch on trending, popular topics to gain more citations to your content.

At inSegment internet marketing company, we’re always looking for ways to increase search rankings and website visibility.  We’re excited to see how co-citation and co-occurrence can help our SEO Services stay on the cutting edge, and provide our clients with the results they need to succeed.


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