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7 Steps to Make Your Email Customers Hate You

email-marketingEmail marketing campaigns have long been the standard tool in every marketer’s toolkit.  While social media gets all of the attention as the hot new thing, emails still remain the main way companies reach out to- and successfully engage with- customers.  Then why are there so many marketers who still get marketing wrong?  This list, originally published at Direct Marketing News, chronicles seven surefire ways to alienate customers – and potentially push them to hit ‘unsubscribe’.  Read on and see if you’re guilty of these common slip-ups:

1. Design your email with one device in mind: studies show the increasing instances of subscribers checking email primarily on mobile devices or tablets.  Make sure that your emails are designed in such a way that they will appear successfully not just on a computer, but on your phone too.

2. Model your email copy after Melville: too much copy is a sure way to turn off customers, and risk having your message watered down or lost completely.  Keep your copy short, clean, concise, with clear calls to action.

3. Forget to test your email: Many devices can now automatically detect phone numbers, tracking codes, and similar important data in messages.  When developing your email campaigns, make sure you test all of the functionalities- it’s never good to be unreachable!

4. Use the word “blast”: You blast through obstacles.  You shouldn’t apply that mentality to customers.  Email campaigns should be strategic and targeted.

5. Never follow up: So, you sent a promotional email out, and you converted a customer through it. Great!  Now what?  Make sure that you follow up with transactional emails: order confirmation, shipping information, and so on allows the customer to track their purchase – and allows you to give them even more promotional messaging within those emails, since customers open these with extremely high frequency.

6. Putting pricing or important messages in pictures: Many email clients and web browsers block images, keeping the customer from viewing your important message.  Additionally, mobile devices have a hard time displaying images in emails.

7. Have no clue how it went: Marketers have several analytics and reporting tools to gauge how an email campaign is doing.  You can now track open rates, click through rates, and more, and even track responses based upon the device on which they were opened.  Knowing what works – and what doesn’t – can be the difference in making your next campaign a success.

inSegment’s Email Marketing Services are segmented, targeted campaigns that are backed up by research and thorough reporting to ensure that your message was received and acted upon.  We love stretching the boundaries of email design, and making campaigns that are just as beautiful and effective on mobile as they are on traditional screens is a priority to us.


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