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inSegment Out and About – We’re Presenting at PRSA Boston!

We all know how SEO can help marketers attract customers, but how about how public relations professionals?  SEO for PR is a very valuable tool for elevating your brand’s awareness and attracting more leads, both at a consumer level and at a media relations level.  SEO tactics are similar across industries, but strategically implementing them can be difficult.  What is a PR professional to do?

Luckily, PRSA Boston is there to help.  The organization is hosting a Best Practices for Boosting SEO event on Tuesday, April 9 from 6 pm to 8 pm at Schwartz MSL Boston in Waltham.  And the best part?  We’re presenting!  Our VP of Digital Marketing, Ian Klein, will be presenting a case study on our success with using SEO in an integrated PR campaign that will answer the questions:

–        How can PR supplement broader online marketing campaigns?
–        What can PR pros do to optimize content?
–        When should PR coordinate with online marketing teams?

Lora Kratchounova, Principal at Scratch Marketing + Media will also be speaking, and the discussion will be monitored by Mark McClennan, APR, senior vice president, Schwartz MSL Boston.


To learn more about this event and to register to attend, visit the PRSA Boston website.  We look forward to seeing you there!



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