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How to Build the Ultimate Lead Capture Landing Page

ROIBuilding a conversion focused landing page is easier said than done; however, the experts at Unbounce produced this great list of successful Landing Page elements.  Below, we’ve pulled our favorite tips and tricks to provide some useful steps to help you build the most effective page for your product or service.

Step 1. Define & create a relevant reward

No one is going to just give you their personal information without something in return; two great things you can create and use as “digital candy” to gain contact information are: reports and white papers with relevant industry stats, or webinars offering life sessions, Q&A’s, or guest speakers.

Step 2. Define the required form fields

The more personal information that you ask for, the better your reward should be; finding the right balance can be difficult.  Try to scale the amount of info you ask for from prospect to lead to customer (prospect being the least and customer the most).

Step 3. Establish relevant trust elements

Trust is important to making people believe they won’t be spammed after giving you their email address.  Some trust elements to add to your page are an anti-spam statement next to the email form field, customer testimonials, and security badges if you are asking for sensitive information.

Step 4. Write a compelling call to action (CTA)

Your CTA should describe exactly what will happen when it is clicked upon. Also, provide a sense of urgency and highlight the benefits.

Step 5. Decide what you want to do post conversion

The conversation should never stop after your customers receive their reward; below are five quick tips you can make to your confirmation page to further engage with customers.

1. Social – Ask them to share your page via social media.

2. Invite them to a webbing or video of a closely related topic of the landing page they were just previously on.

3. Give them a discount coupon or code.  This is a great way to get them to come back to your site again.

4. Send them a followup email telling them what to do next.

5. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.  By doing this on the confirmation page, they wont have to add their information a second time, making their lives easier.

If this sounds like a lot of information, we have a lot of experience with Online Customer Acquisition.  For more information about inSegment’s services, visit our website and see exactly how we build campaigns to maximize ROI!


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