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Digital Dinosaurs: 3 Email Marketing Tactics That Are Extinct (or Should Be)

Digital marketing is a rapidly advancing industry; every day, there are new platforms, strategies, and tools to help identify, engage, and convert prospective customers.  And while all of these new strategies are created, the existing platforms are also constantly evolving to keep up with the industry’s changing demands.  This is true even of the marketer’s tried-and-true standby, the email campaign.  Email has gone under a host of improvements and enhancements, and so must email marketing tactics.  The following 3 email marketing practices, identified by, are on the way out, made obsolete by marketing trends and consumer needs.  Are you on the cutting edge of email marketing, or do your tactics need to go the way of the dodo?  Read on to find out:

1. Annual Reactivation Campaigns

So, your email list sits and decays throughout the year; some people unsubscribe, while others change email addresses and forget to update you, or some just sit on your list, inactive subscribers.  These inactive subscribers hurt your email campaigns, and should be removed from the list.  But wouldn’t it be great if, instead of kicking those people off of your list altogether, you could “reactivate” them, and engage them again in your efforts?  Remarketing campaigns can be extremely useful at turning passive contacts into engaged users, but no one is going to be swayed by a yearly “Where have you gone?” message.  Instead, craft a multi-layered email campaign that comprises of several messages; one highlighting the benefits of being a subscriber, followed by a second one offering an asset that highlights one or more of those benefits.  Or, ask customers to update their email preferences; maybe they want to engage with your company, but their needs have changed.  Early and often is a great motto to take when looking to convert inactive list subscribers.  The “one-and-done” reactivation campaign is ineffective at converting subscribers into users.

2. Frequency Testing

You want to get the most out of your email campaign, and part of maximizing its potential is knowing exactly when that email should hit your target’s inbox.  When is the best time to send?  And how many times should that message be sent?  In ye olden days, marketers would send multiple messages a week, without any real analysis as to when each email was opened, or if any action was taken.  However, this is hardly effective – or efficient.  These days, email marketers are tracking “behavior based actions”, or tracking when an email is opened or a specific action is taken, like a whitepaper download.  This information helps email marketers craft better, more relevant emails, which in turn allows the customer to personalize their email experience.

3. The Single Email Campaign

If it takes multiple touches to convert an old, inactive subscriber back to an engaged user, it will certainly take more than one email to convert a prospect into a customer.  Vary the days and times that you send each email, and differentiate the content slightly in each email, or “drop” to ensure that you are making the most of this direct contact you have with this potential client.  Only sending a single email is like leaving money on the table- and businesses that do that go extinct quickly.

Are you worried your email marketing is still stuck in the digital stone age?  inSegment crafts all its campaign for clients using conversion-oriented architecture, multiple drops, and continued measurement.  Read more about inSegment services, and see how we constantly push the envelope on email marketing.


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