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Start the Summer with Us at the Strategic Margins Conference!

Summer is right around the corner, and that means hanging out with friends and colleagues at barbeques, poolside, on the beach, and everywhere else we flock to in order to enjoy the season.  And with summer fast approaching, why not take a little time and celebrate the season by hanging out with your friends from inSegment?   We will be presenting at the Strategic Margins Conference on May 17 at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center, where we are also co-sponsoring the event.

The Strategic Margins Conference is a resource for financial services marketing, particularly for those marketers involved working with banks and credit unions.  This year’s conference focus is on building revenue while fostering high customer satisfaction.  Produced by the Agility Resources Group, Strategic Margins also claims the New England Financial Marketing Association (NEFMA) and the Boston Chapter of Financial Managers Society (FMS) as sponsors for this year.

The conference will feature panels of industry experts who will be presenting on best practices, success stories, and the next big ideas in marketing for financial institutions.  These sessions are great opportunities for attendees to interact with their peers, get some new ideas for their programs, and to explore current trends in the industry.  Our Vice President of Digital Marketing, Ian Klein, will be speaking about how we’ve used our integrated marketing strategies to gain a variety of successes for our financial services industry clients.

And since no summer outing is complete without some sports, Patriots Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Grogan will be speaking to conference attendees on “Playing to Win: It’s All In the Strategy”.  Just like in football, marketing for financial-based firms takes research, planning, and precise execution of the game plan.  Football might be a fall sport, but just like marketing, strategizing on how to win is a year-round event.  Let inSegment and Steve Grogan show you how it’s done!

Want to come hang out with us?  To learn more about the conference, and to register to attend the Strategic Margins Conference on May 17, head on over to  Interested in seeing why we are a co-sponsor of this particular event?  Check out the work we’ve done for inSegment financial services clients.  We hope to see you this Friday!


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