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Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns: Are You Ready?

Since Google first announced it in February, online marketers have been waiting with apprehension to see the changes brought about the Enhanced Campaigns update to AdWords.  While the upgrade is supposed to be a nod to the changing needs of online advertising, offering marketers features such as the ability to target users with ads based on location, device type, or time of day, it also has some side effects that users aren’t looking forward to experiencing.  For example, with Enhanced Campaigns, tablet ads are a mandatory part of your click bid, even if you weren’t planning on targeting tablets with that particular campaign.  Mobile components of campaigns will now be managed by bids.

So, what?  If you don’t like the aspects of Enhanced Campaigns, you just simply choose not to upgrade your AdWords account, right?


Users who have not manually updated their AdWords campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns by July 22, 2013 will have their initiatives automatically enhanced for them by Google.  This means that your bids will automatically be upgraded for you as well.   Since bids are increased or decreased by a percentage based on the default bid, many advertisers worry that the mandatory mobile presence will drive up PPC costs and potentially impact a campaign’s performance negatively as a whole.

Furthermore, AdWords will not only assign the new bid, but will assign mobile bid adjustment automatically, based on what other advertisers in AdWords are selecting as an adjustment.  This adjustment doesn’t look at your particular industry or competitors; it merely assigns a bid adjustment on the activity of Adwords as a whole.

Bid management is the only feature that will automatically update; sitelinks and call extensions will have to be updated manually, and existing campaigns will also have to be manually updated or left behind.  Additionally, existing mobile campaigns are meant to be merged manually with the new, automatically “enhanced” campaigns; this will cause duplicates in your AdWords accounts.

So what is a marketer to do in face of all of these changes, which have the potential to significantly affect PPC efforts?  Turn to us for help!  inSegment is a Google Adwords certified partner; our demand generation and online customer acquisition teams are well-versed in how AdwWords changes the PPC game, and are ready to play by these new rules.


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