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Mobile and Social Marketing – How Does Your Small Business Stack Up?

Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to marketing initiatives; frequently, they have limited resources and less time than other companies, and they are often targeting a very specific audience based on geography and similar demographics.  So how do these boutique businesses maximize their marketing investments?  According to a report picked up by, small businesses are increasingly using mobile advertising, and incorporating social media and email marketing into those mobile efforts.  Over 7 in 10 businesses cited in the study have used mobile technology to carry out campaigns in both mediums.  1/3 of the businesses surveyed had also optimized their websites for mobile, incorporating information about menus, inventory, and including videos on their mobile website.  The breakdown of mobile use by small business is below:

Furthermore, 70% of those businesses who optimized their websites for mobile also ensured that their sites meshed well with social media channels.  So what does this information mean?  Small businesses recognize that mobile users are more frequently accessing the web from their devices, and that mobile technology offers small businesses unique opportunities to cost-effectively target their specific audiences.  Millions of mobile users use their phones to search for local information.  Small businesses that can take advantage of those mobile searches, and convert visitors into customers all from that device, stand a greater chance of maximizing their marketing ROI.

inSegment recognizes the importance of mobile marketing, and integrating campaigns with social and email marketing as well.  No matter the size of the client or the target audience of that client, the value of integrated digital and mobile-friendly campaigns is one of the core tenants of inSegment services.


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