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Email Relevancy: Is it All About You?

ImageMarketers know that email marketing is all about driving conversions, and the best way to convert readers into customers is to deliver targeted, relevant content in each email message.   According to a recent study by Bronto and reported upon by Direct Marketing News, ecommerce marketers are finding it much easier to conduct the former than the latter.  When asked what they would identify as the biggest challenge in using emails to generate revenue, 31% of marketers polled cited “making emails more targeted and relevant”.  Only 24% named “driving orders” as their biggest challenge.

Creating an email that maximizes open rates has been a subject in email marketing for as long as the channel has existed.  Many marketers are skilled at getting users to open emails; ensuring that the email is interesting and valuable to these users seems to be more of a challenge.  While marketers understand what relevance means, and to some extent why it is important, they are generally having a hard time executing a successful strategy in creating this messaging.

Why is this issue of relevancy so difficult for marketers?  It might be because of a lack of perspective.  While creating relevant content was the biggest challenge cited, it was hardly considered the biggest benefit of email marketing.  Less than 20% of survey respondents saw delivery of targeted or relevant messaging as a benefit of email automation.  This disconnect explains in part why marketers are having a hard time creating email messages that matter.

Many marketers see the creation of relevant messaging as more work; by breaking their audience into targeted groups, and tailoring information and content for each group, marketers think they are creating more work for themselves.  This is an industry road block; several surveys conducted by Bronto list lack of time and resources as the number one complaint among email marketers.  This “relevance equals work” mentality further demonstrates the disconnect; not only does email automation allow for multiple campaigns, freeing up marketers’ time, but creating targeted messaging isn’t working harder – it’s working smarter.

At inSegment, we know that specifically targeting audiences and tailoring content is key to continued email success.  Our email marketing programs demonstrate our experience in generating quality content – and conversions.

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