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3 Ways To Utilize Mobile Advertising

ImageSmart phones have been one of the most useful and revolutionary technological inventions in recent years. These devices allow the user to access the Internet wherever and whenever they choose. Certain devices require a Wi-Fi connection to browse, while others simply need a 3G or 4G/LTE connection. The popularity of smartphones, and their nearly constant access to the Internet, confirms the undisputed fact that mobile advertising is the present and future realm for marketers wanting to satisfy consumers’ needs.

These increasing numbers of smart phone owners means that there is a significant rise in data usage; this is good news for marketers, who can easily use this opportunity to create and place valuable messages on the mobile space. Below are three techniques that illustrate how marketers can maximize the new field of mobile marketing:

Targeting Tactics: Unlike televisions or computers, a mobile device is owned and operated by a single user. The smartphone’s technology allows marketers to gather information about the user, such as socio-demographics, geo-localization, and consumption habits. These categories are crucial for marketers when developing and deploying marketing campaigns properly. Targeting specific customers reduces costs on wasted ads and can result in higher revenues; mobile makes it much easier for marketers to gather this information needed for targeting. Recent studies show the significance of spatial and temporal relevance in delivering ads to mobile users, which is now possible with the technology harnessed from wireless telecommunications companies. The closer a consumer is to a store or tangible object the more relevant ad placement on their mobile device becomes. However, according to Business Insideronly five to 10% of all mobile ads have true GPS-generated latitude-longitude data. Thus, the full potential of geo-localization functionality has yet to be implemented.

Augmented Reality: Mobile advertising will lead to a new form of advertising consisting of truly innovative styles to design an advertisement. Technology such as augmented reality is one of many new interesting ways marketers are going to showcase their dazzling mobile advertising. Augmented reality is the view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are supplemented by computer-generated sensory input such as video graphics. Users are going to be able to manipulate and interact with advertisements like never before, bringing the product closer to them wherever they are.

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