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Link-Building: What Makes Your Content Share-worthy?

ImageWe’ve talked before about how good SEO comes from strong web development and quality content, rather than from ceaseless optimization for search engine algorithms. The most tried-and-true strategies for great SEO are largely the same as those for hooking and keeping potential customers, which makes sense, given that search engines are as concerned with displaying quality content as you should be. At the end of the day, the same is true of link-building.

SEO Book has an extensive list of link-building strategies and tips – 101 of them, in fact. A list that large can be a bit daunting;, if nothing else, it shows just how much there is to link-building, and how many different ways there are to drive links to your website. However, out of all of them, some of the most potent methods involve leveraging good, strong content to help out your link-building. Some kinds of content tend to attract more links than others, so here are five strong ideas to help you get started.

1. Help out your peers by writing how-to articles or lists of tips relevant to your field. This will help you build authority in your field and become a thought leader. People link to articles that they find helpful, and simple formats such as step-by-step instructions and lists are easy to digest. They are also easy to reference, making these types of content very linkable.

2. Make eye-catching infographics for bloggers to embed. Everyone loves infographics. People are extremely visual in how we process information, so graphs and images are even easier to digest than a list of tips or a well-written how-to. Infographics take research and thoughtful design, though, and as with any other type of content will only attract links if they are well-executed. There are many tips out there for creating good infographics; here’s one article that hits all the important points.

3. Exercise your originality and create unique and interesting viral content. This is easier said than done, but viral content is king at driving links back to your site. Whether a piece of content goes viral or not is part luck, part great idea, and part great execution. This is where thinking outside the box and coming up with something totally different gets rewarded. For some insight into why content goes viral, check out this awesome infographic.

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