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Mobile Moms: Online Marketing Online to US Moms

momsIt’s become a standard cliché: the hapless parent confounded by technology, unable to open their email or unlock their phone, dependent upon their condescending teenage children to help them with the smallest technology-related tasks. But according to a recent eMarketer report, that picture is wholly inaccurate; American mothers are using mobile phones, tablets, and other devices as part of their shopping routines. In fact, 35% of moms that use the Internet use mobile devices daily as part of their shopping process.

This is good news for online marketers; BSM Media estimates that moms had a buying power of $2.25 trillion last year. That enormous economic juggernaut is increasingly turning to the Internet as a place to research and finalize their transactions. Two-thirds of the surveyed moms revealed that the Internet has changed the way they search for information about products and companies, and that one of the main reasons moms go online is to comparison shop. Moms also like email alerts from their favorite retailers, and that 44% of those moms view retailer emails on their phone.

What might be more surprising to marketers is what the eMarketer report found about social media and moms. The vision of the tone-deaf mother bumbling her way around Facebook is definitely not represented by the women surveyed here. In fact, BabyCenter’s annual report found that 45% of participants used Facebook to research products, and that 46% used Pinterest to look at potential purchases. 44% of the BabyCenter survey participants reported that they were influenced to purchase something after seeing a friend like it on social media.

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