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C-h-hanges: Facebook, Pinterest Add New Features

It’s been a busy week across the social media stratosphere. Facebook announced its embedded post feature yesterday, and Pinterest has introduced a new alert that lets users know when the price of an item they have pinned has dropped. Both features help further establish the functions that marketers have developed for them: Facebook as a content sharing platform, and Pinterest as an e-commerce site.

Facebook now allows users to embed their public statuses across the web. Readers can interact with an embedded status just as they would on Facebook; they can like the page from which the embedded post was pulled, they can follow users who posted the embedded content, and if a hashtag was uses in the status, users can use that hashtag to discover similar content.

The code that embeds the status installs the Facebook SDK for JavaScript on your webpage; this is the same install code that enables the Facebook Like button and other social plugins. According to Facebook, having the SDK for JavaScript on your site twice shouldn’t cause any performance issues. The service has been rolled out to select news sites, with a wider release planned in the future.

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