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App Store Optimization: 4 Tips for Getting More Eyes on Your App

So your company has made a beautiful, functional, easy-to-use app. Hours upon hours have been poured into the design, the user interface, the API, and every conceivable action that the application will perform. You’re proud of your awesome accomplishment, and set it up in the App Store. Your job is finished, right? Well, if you actually want people to download your app, your work has just started. Many people don’t think to optimize their app for the App Store, but implementing SEO into the app itself is a big part of successfully marketing your creation.

As Search Engine Watch outlines, there are several factors that affect where your app ends up in a Store search:

On Page Factors:

1. App title: Keyword usage in the app title is extremely important relevancy signal for the App Store.

2. App Description: Keywords should also be used in the app description, much like you would in a traditional SEO setting.

Off Page Factors:

1. Downloads: The more downloads an app has, the higher its search rankings.

2. Click-through rate: The number of times an app has been opened in the store from search results also improves its rankings.

3. App usage: The App Store measures how many times an app is opened once it has been downloaded; this affects the app’s ranking within the Store.

4. App Reviews/Ratings: Quality and quantity of reviews are key; the higher the rating, and the more of them an app has, the higher it ranks.

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