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Marketing Emails Missing the Mark: Are Your Messages Where They Need to Be?

Marketers know how important email is to their conversion and sales efforts; the channel is still one of the largest digital conversion drivers. Aside from careful copywriting, design, and functionality testing, marketers (or at least the good ones) also pay close attention to their email sender reputation – they carefully build permission-based email lists, dutifully respond to every unsubscribe request or email reply, and they work hard to eliminate spam. With all of this hard work and care, marketing emails are sure to wind up in potential customers’ inboxes, correct? Not quite, according to a recent Return Path report first reported upon by Direct Marketing News. After examining one trillion messages sent worldwide during the first half of 2013, the email intelligence agency found that 22% of marketing emails aren’t reaching the recipients inboxes. Even more unsettling? That 22% includes marketing emails that have the recipient’s permission to send email to them.

Global inbox placement rates (IPR) declined 4% in the past 6 months; while American email senders have the highest successful IPR at 86%, there are still billions of emails that are being lost or delivered straight to the junk mail folder. Americans are also slightly ahead of the curve when it comes to sending to Gmail; it is by far the most popular email client to which American senders deliver email, with 86% of emails intended for the Google-powered inbox. International marketers, however, listed Gmail as their biggest challenge to successfully send email to in the Return Path report.

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