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Yahoo’s Great Branding Experiment

yahoo-logo-old1Yahoo, one of the premier Internet pioneers, has seen a lot of changes since CEO Marissa Mayer took the helm in July 2012. Now, the company is gearing up towards one of its most visible changes – the company announced it will be unveiling a new logo on the site on September 5th, at midnight, EST. Although there are not many details being released about the new logo design, stalwart Yahoo fans need not fear; the company has already confirmed that they will still use the vibrant purple color and exclamation point for which the logo is well know. However, what might be more newsworthy than Yahoo’s announced creative change is the way in which they are unveiling the logo: for the next 30 days, culminating in the logo reveal on September 5, Yahoo’s site will display a different logo.

The stunt, called “30 Days of Change”, features variations of the current logo that hint at the new brand the final logo will hope to express: that of a more modern company with recent, successful online acquisitions that still pays homage to its beginnings and past experiences. This brand re-imagining is particularly timely with Yahoo’s aggressive online acquisition strategy that includes the purchase of Tumblr and recent acquisition Rockmelt, an online content aggregator with an app division.

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