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Breaking Bad with Branding: How to Market Yourself like Heisenberg

The season premiere of AMC’s runaway hit show Breaking Bad was greatly anticipated by media critics, entertainment writers, and ardent fans of the show (like us!). However, there is one more group that should be excited about the return of the show’s final eight episodes: marketers. Why? Aside from great writing, superb acting, and overall fantastic television, Breaking Bad is an amazing example of successful brand marketing. And we’re not just talking about the recognition of the show’s brand, which has been a critical and commercial boon for AMC; the character of Walter White has built his personal brand of “Heisenberg” from the ground up, and has made it the most well known and respected (and feared) brand in the Southwestern United States. While Heisenberg was originally meant as an alias while he made and stockpiled money for his family, Walter has come to love his professional brand, and to build and protect it. Not only is he a genius with chemicals, but he has learned how to be a great brand advocate. Here are some safe tips that any marketer can learn from Walter White/Heisenberg (no illegal activity needed):

1. Make your brand synonymous with quality:

From the very beginning, Heisenberg stood out from his competition in Albuquerque due to the high quality and potency of his product. He didn’t start his enterprise out by trying to build his brand; he first started by focusing on making a better product than any on the market, and allowed his customers to speak on his behalf. Happy customers are always the most valuable marketing tools a company can have; these brand advocates will not only be loyal customers, but they will spread the word about your business to others, and in that way raw more traffic to you, and potentially more business. Heisenberg knew his target audience well; users will seek out a specific product, and will talk about it to other users. In this way, Heisenberg was able to establish his brand, and make powerful industry connections which allowed him to expand his operations – and his brand presence. Traditional companies can utilize brand advocates as well; focus on producing superior quality products and services, and solicit positive reviews from customers. Social media is a perfect outlet for brand advocates.

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