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Planning Makes Perfect: Google Launches New Adwords Application

business-plannerDisplay advertising is an important element in any digital marketing effort, but a complicated one. There are a myriad amount of factors and strategies that are needed to create a successful display advertising campaign. Marketers have long been using Google Adwords to plan, execute, and measure these efforts, using the Ad Planner feature. Now, Google is looking to make the lives of digital advertisers easier – the company launched a new application, the Display Planner, which collates all of Google’s display advertising tools and builds them right into the Adwords system.

The Display Planner is a combination of three separate Adwords tools: The Contextual Targeting Tool, the Placement Tool, and the Ad Planner system. This new system is meant to replicate the same actions that these three older applications perform, but to simply place them in one easy to find place; to help marketers make the transition to the new platform, Google has released this user guide, and this video demonstrating how to operate within the system:

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This entry was posted on August 21, 2013 by in online marketing, SEM.
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