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Build Your Own Search Engine: How the Minerazzi Project Seeks to Revolutionize Data Mining

minerazzi-logoSearch engine marketers operate in a clearly defined system; that is, they know exactly which listings and search engines they optimize for. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and local listings are the main players; SEM professionals understand how these engines crawl, categorize, index, and rank sites. However, a program currently in beta testing could change the face of search – and search marketing – forever.  The Minerazzi project is a platform that allows users to build topic-specific search engines without requiring any programming or coding knowledge.

Created by Dr. Edel Garcia of the Microsoft Innovation Center of Puerto Rico and first presented at ClickZ’s SES 2012 Conference, the Minerazzi was originally meant to be an indexing project. Users build indexes on a certain subject within a vertical, and define keyword sets. Minerazzi then crawls the web for documents and pages that meet the defined parameters and adds them to the index. In this way, users can build their own specialized data sets. Minerazzi allows users to share access to indexes, making collaboration between users simple.

Minerazzi can potentially revolutionize the way users search, catalog, and share information online. Students can create their own specialized indexes of information on a research subject, and share it with group members. Businesses can collate market information, or even research a competitor, and share the results through the system with colleagues. While the possible utilizations of this project are diverse and exciting, what is less clear in how Minerazzi will change the SEO/SEM industries, if at all.

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