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Google+ Minus SEO: +1s Don’t Lead to Higher Rankings

GoogleThere are several “urban myths” surrounding secret strategies and fail-proof methods to improving a company’s search engine rankings. One of the hardest to debunk has been the correlation between a company’s “+1s” on Google+ and its rankings on Google searches. Even SEO expert site Moz recently published an article “Amazing Correlation Between Google +1s and Higher Search Rankings” which claimed that Google +1s had a direct correlation to higher search rankings. What was even more startling was that the article stated that +1s were the most heavily weighted factor in determining a search engine ranking status. Moz based these findings based upon their own 2013 search rankings.

The reasoning that Mo presented for supporting their theory is pretty compelling: posts shared on Google+ are crawled and indexed almost immediately, and posts on the site pass Google’s “link equity”. He also noted that Google Authorship affects the rankings as well. However, many were quick to note that Moz had no evidence, and were only drawing these conclusions based upon observations of their own rankings. Several experts discredited the findings – including Google’s own Matt Cutts.

Cutts released a lengthy statement condemning the Moz post as faulty and untrue. His clearest takeaway: “Rather than chasing +1s of content, your time is much better spent making great content.” This reaffirms what most successful SEO professionals have been doing for their clients: create high quality, high value content, promote it, and have users share this content in order to boost rankings. Simply trying to game the Google system won’t help.

SEO, particularly off-page SEO programs, take a lot of work, dedication, and time to produce consistent success. inSegment’s SEO team has the experience and expertise to create and execute successful, sustainable programs.


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