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‘Tis the Season…to Build Links!

for-09.04Seasonal marketing comes more easily to some companies than to others. Office supply companies have a built-in sales season with back-to-school shopping, while many types of retailers can take advantage of holiday shoppers to drive up sales. Businesses take advantage of these seasonal spikes months in advance by building links to capture interest leading up to these events. But what if you’re a business-to-business company, or your product doesn’t tie neatly into a season or to a major holiday? You can still build links to capitalize on those seasonal swings; it will just take a little time and some creative thinking. Here’s how:

1. Know Your Audience:

This is key, especially if you have a scattered or global target audience. Segmentation is crucial here; break your audience up geographically, and spend some time really getting to know each segment. What are the religious holidays that are coming up for each segment? What’s the weather like? Any cultural or annual events coming up in those areas? Use this information to inform your decisions about marketing to each segment. Annual events in particular can be goldmines for link opportunities and content.

2. Know What’s Going On in Your Niche

Staying up to date on news and trends in your industry and in your target sectors will help you spot link opportunities and help you generate useful content. Set up alerts to cover the following terms: season, seasonal event, monthly event,  holiday, month, yearly event, your industry. Also set up general keyword alerts based upon your industry.

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