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How to Optimize Link Building While Staying Within Updated Boundaries

for-09.06With all of Google’s recent algorithm updates, link building has been called into question; how useful is the practice, and how can one still effectively and legally implement it?  Contrary to this assumption, Google Trends still lists link building as an extremely useful and relevant method.  With that being said, it is essential to explore new techniques and strategies that can be utilized to ensure that one’s website does not subject itself to penalties due to bad links.

Link Building Techniques to Focus On:

1.  Seasonal Link Building: Customize your website so that you can create your own seasonal peaks in links, following steps such as demographic research, internal links, and keeping your information as current and up to date as possible.  We discussed seasonal link building here on Wednesday; the strategy, when done correctly, is a good way to boost your web presence.

2.  Backlink analysis: To effectively build your link profile, you must understand how to examine your current status and link usage.  There are multiple tools available to you in order to achieve this, including Majestic SEO and Open Site Explorer.  Both accomplish similar goals; choosing one is just a matter of preference.  Both begin by showing you your current number of links.  This number is then broken down further by calculating the number of individual domains your website links to.  Other information they provide involves analysis of anchor text, link quality, and page performance.  The data can be exported for even further use.

3.  Have a qualified Link Builder: One of the simplest, most effective ways to ensure the success of your site’s link building is to make sure you have the right person on the job.  Focus on assigning these tasks to someone with great creativity, an open mind, curiosity, a strong work ethic, and organizational skills.  If your link builder possesses these qualities and understands the importance of link building, they will be able to do their job much better.

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