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Out with the Old, In with the Really Old: What Search Can Tell You about Fashion

Backstreet-BoysThere’s a saying in fashion that “everything old becomes new again”. It certainly seems that every few years, trends that had been called cliché and outdated a short time ago become vogue again. Now, there are definitive ways to prove that there is a cyclic nature to fashion: apparel searches online. As first reported by Search Engine Watch, savvy searchers have been seeking 90s era fashion. Your eyes haven’t been deceiving you; crop tops and Zubaz pants are back in fashion, and Google has the info to back that statement up.

April Anderson, Google’s Retail Industry Director, reported that in July 2013, searches for the following search terms, all of them staples of the cool 90s kid’s closet, all dramatically increased from July 2012:

  • “crop tops” searches increased by over 110%
  • “bucket hat” searches grew by more than 120%
  • “high waisted jeans” had 120% more queries
  • “acid wash shorts” searches were more than 80% higher
  • “grunge clothing” searches increased by 80%, and is still steadily increasing troughout August into September.

Not convinced that today’s teenagers are all about to dress like Saved by the Bell extras? Google’s Product Listing Ads have also seen dramatic increases in several classic 90s fashion items in July as opposed to July 2012:

  • “overalls” saw an increase in searches by over 180%
  • “round sunglasses” queries increased by more than 100%
  • “Zubaz pants” searches grew by over 150%
  • Perhaps most baffling to us at inSegment, “jelly sandals” queries increased by more than 180%

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