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The New Airtime: Google Hangouts and Twitter Chats Invade

To stay on top of the publicity game, you have to evolve with the trends. Social media continues to provide new twists to traditional media promotion methods. Talk shows on both television and radio present a controlled environment to promote yourself or your brand. Social media invents its own versions of this, with Google+ and Twitter both leading the trend.

Google+ hosts over 300 million active users, second only to Facebook. Why not give these users another interactive way to reach each other? “Hangouts On Air” provide an innovative way to bring new publicity to your business. Hangouts allow you to invite anyone you want to join you. Once someone decides to join your hangout, you can reach them with your broadcasts using On Air! The broadcasts are completely in your own control, giving the users the ability to discuss and promote whatever topic you choose. Hangouts present the opportunity for mutual benefit between users, with the “I’ll follow you, you follow me” mentality. Joining an abundant number of hangouts increases the chances that other users will see you and join your hangout.  This increases potential viewers of your videos who may not normally have sought them out.

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