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Make the Most of Mobile Search: Include Your Phone Number

for-09.30We’ve stressed before how important local search is to service industries; now, Google has released even more data to further prove how effective the method is for identifying potential customers and offering them opportunities to interact with your brand. Google partnered with independent market research firm Ipsos to survey 3,000 mobile searchers who recently made a purchase in seven distinct verticals: Travel, Restaurant, Auto, Retail, Finance, Technology, and Local Services. The results show that 70% of the searchers called a business directly from Google’s search results.

It wasn’t just one type of mobile user that called directly from results, either; searchers in different stages of the sales cycle all called a business directly from search results. The survey found that 52% of the callers were researching companies, and 61% of callers were ready to make a purchase. What does all of this data mean for marketers? Businesses that want to generate leads and sales directly from their search results should implement a click-to-call feature in both their organic and paid mobile search results.

According to Google, ads generate 40 million calls a month, 75% of which last longer than 30 seconds. On average, calls from Google ads last around 6 minutes, which means that mobile searchers are often looking for more than just a quick answer. Adwords accounts that implement a click to call option receive an 8% increase in click-through rate than mobile ads that do not include this feature. In the Google/Ipsos survey, the click-to-call option was an important feature across all 7 researched verticals, and in both organic search results and paid ads. Each vertical had its own individual metrics with regards to call times and caller goals; Search Engine Watch has compiled a complete breakdown of the Google/Ipsos data.

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