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SEO Game Change: Google Analytics Stops Providing Organic Search Keyword Data

for-10.02Keyword data has been an essential piece of developing an organic SEO strategy; knowing exactly what terms users searched for in order to visit your website allows you to see what keywords are important and most successful at converting users. Google Analytics has been an important place to gather this data, but Google has slowly been limiting the amount of keyword data visible to marketers, protecting information with a “not provided” tag. At first, the limits were annoying but understandable, with Google withholding keyword data from users searching while logged into their Google accounts. But on September 23, the search engine made all Google searches secure, hiding all keyword data behind the “not provided” category.

How does Google make a search secure? When a user starts a search, Google redirects them to the https:// version of their chosen Google domain. Now, whenever someone uses Google to conduct a search, it is run as an SSL encrypted search, which hides every search query. When the user clicks on a link to visit a website, the click first redirects so that the website cannot determine the keyword used by the searcher-turned-visitor.

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