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Google AdWords: The Basics for Success

for-10.04Google AdWords allows searchers to find your business through keywords and similar websites. You control your spending, where the advertisement appears online, and you are able to measure its success using a number of different metrics. Like all forms of media, Google AdWords is not a static method; it continually changes and adds new features.  In order to stay competitive in online advertising, digital marketers need to develop a solid yet flexible Adwords strategy.  There are a few key points to keep in mind to make your AdWords account stronger:

1.  Familiarize yourself- Google AdWords provides a robust Help Center that is constantly updated with new AdWords-related information. Utilize this resource, and keep an eye on the changing and evolving features of the program so that you don’t miss a thing.

2.  Continually test your page- You need to regularly check your click-through-rate (CTR), as well as the conversion rate of your ads in order to ensure you are maximizing your investment. For smaller businesses on a tighter advertising budget, focus on improving your conversion rate. The conversion rate shows how often clicks on your advertisement lead to beneficial action for your company. Purchases, downloads, and sign-ups all positively affect your conversion rate. If you have more to spend, balance your testing between the CTR and your landing page – the desired page of your website you wish people to visit by clicking on your ad.

3.  Geo-target- If applicable to your advertisement type, geo-targeting is very useful. AdWords allows you to exclude areas you do not wish to reach. You can also bid higher or lower on locations based on their importance to you. You can even make bids based on weather specifications. These functionalities are very important, especially for small businesses that are often catering to a geographically specific clientele.

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