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Maximize Your Marketing Effectiveness with Email

emailEmail marketing is a cheap, simple way to reach all of your clients quickly. But there’s more to it than simply compiling a list of addresses and sending mass emails. You must be vigilant in managing these lists and tracking your campaign. Effective ways to do this include utilizing analysis reports, segmenting your lists, and focusing on content.

Analysis Report – You will not benefit from simply sending these emails and forgetting about them. Email marketing campaigns are easy to measure, leaving no excuse to not do so. Most email marketing programs quickly produce analysis reports for each campaign you send out. Evaluate your click through rate, response rate, lead results, positive feedback, open rate, and forward rate. Although it requires more time, in the end you will save money. Analyzing your campaigns individually will prevent you from wasting money pursuing a campaign with minimal success, and give you the chance to allocate the money budgeted for that campaign.

Segmenting – Your emails shouldn’t be generic and impersonal – your clients do not want to feel that they are just a name in a list because the emails. If you break your list down into segments, you can tailor your emails to add a personal feel. Most email marketing programs allow you to take your full list and separate it further into groups based off of characteristics of your choice. You can select the groups following basic characteristics, such as geography, or how long they have been a customer. You could also examine the marketing analysis report, and group addresses by their purchase history or record of opening your past emails.

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