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Beat Blogger’s Block: Strategies to Help Diversify Content

writers-block-696532-mOne of the biggest challenges in maintaining a company blog is committing to consistent posting. Every blogger starts out with the best of intentions, but as other work responsibilities pile up, posting slides to the bottom of the to-do list. To make matters worse, consistent publishing means that the company has to consistenly write – and come up with fresh ideas for each post. Blogger’s block is arguably the worst kind of writing fatigue – a blank Word document and a looming post deadline rarely makes for spontaneous creativity. But there are some ways to beat the block:

1. Editorial Calendars – every content creator’s secret weapon, editorial calendars can serve as a road map for your blog, detailing how often you will post, on which dates, and what topics each blog post will cover. Calendars keep you from fumbling for a topic every time you sit down to write a post. Many authors worry that calendars stifle their creativity, and are too rigid. It’s best to keep in mind that your editorial calendar should be flexible – instead of pinpointing post topics, choose a theme to write about (inSegment’s editorial calendar details the service sector that the post will cover, but allows for actual subject flexibility). Editorial calendars will ensure that you’re on track, and never have to pull an idea out of thin air.

2. Revisit an older post – Stuck for a topic? The trick to successful content marketing is making the most of what you have. Your blog is a valuable place for information, not just for your readers, but for you as well. Your blog will be industry centric, so take an older post and create a new article from it addressing the things that have changed since that post was published. For example, inSegment often talks about Google’s algorithm; we could take a post about the Penguin update and compare those changes to the newest algorithm, Hummingbird. Mine your blog for ideas – consider it idea recycling!

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