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Sneaky Search Engines: Google’s Other Changes

09_09_2011-848x412For the past few weeks, you’ve heard everything you need to about Google’s choice to withhold keyword data from advertisers, and the switch over to a new algorithm, Hummingbird, which refines both search results and Google’s Knowledge Graph by emulating semantic search as opposed to keyword search. But these two overhauls have not been the only changes Google has been making to its ever-increasing set of tools. Here are two other changes that will affect digital marketing, and why businesses should pay attention:

Product Listing Ads: Local Availability features – Proving just how important local search is becoming to Google, the company’s Product Listing Ads has added increased local functionality to its listings, including local availability and local storefront features. These updates increase the amount of information available online for local searches, and allow users to see local storefronts along with product information. These new features are essential to small and local businesses to increase their online visibility and convert users to physical visitors. Want to take advantage of Product Listing Ads? Make sure you do the following:

• Optimize your Google+ Local Business Page
• Include images for the Google Carousel
• Send consistent, up-to-date information to Google and other search engines, and social profiles, including Foursquare, Yelp, and Zagat.

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