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The Person Who Should Be Tweeting for Your Company…and Isn’t


So your business has branded social media accounts that engage audiences, managed by marketing or social media professionals. You’re all set on the social media front, right? It turns out that you’re missing out on a big opportunity – your biggest brand advocate isn’t online. Senior executives, especially CEOs and CMOs, are virtually nonexistent on social media, particularly Twitter.

Why should the C-suite be on Twitter? There are several reasons:

  • Networking with industry peers
  • Competitive intelligence and insight into industry trends
  • Opportunities for thought leadership
  • Serve as a brand ambassador on behalf of the company
  • Personal branding lends credence to projects tied to the individual (such as his/her company!)

Having a visible, active member of a company’s executive board on social media makes the entire brand appear more legitimate and trustworthy, according to a survey of chief marketing officers conducted by BRANDfog. Additionally, an active CEO personal account helps foster brand loyalty by leveraging a more personal aspect of the company. People are always a brand’s most valuable assets; putting the people with the most influence to work promoting the brand online will only enhance the company’s overall social media efforts.

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