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Micro-Content for Branding

Micro-content is key for brandingWe can simply define today’s generation in one word: fast. We expect everything quickly and at our fingertips. Consumers and customers will quickly lose interest in content or informational pieces that they cannot simply skim and absorb rapidly. In your branding attempts, it is important to recognize this and use different techniques of micro-content. Micro-content typically refers to short, but informational messages with the intent of hooking a reader to a larger forum.

1.  Twitter:  Tweets are limited to 140 characters or less. This allows for no more than two or three concise sentences to express your message. However, they can reach an extremely wide, global audience. They can also include pictures and links to more detailed content, serving as a hook to gain interest. With hashtags and chats, you can expose your brand to a larger conversation than your normal target market.

2.  GIFs:  Formally known as graphics interchange format, GIFs are wildly popular on the internet for a plethora of uses. By incorporating GIFs into your branding strategy, you will be able to connect with a younger audience, and also display the good nature and humorous side of your brand. By showing your connection to current trends, it can instill faith in customers that your content and brand are hip and modern as well.

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