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Checklist: Are You Utilizing These 5 Inbound Marketing Elements?

76800409The holiday season is rapidly approaching, which means that it’s almost the season of lists; holiday meal grocery lists, gift wish-lists, New Year’s Resolution lists, and Santa’s notorious naughty-and-nice list. We got into the list making spirit too; in anticipation of the holidays, we’ve made a list of inbound marketing essentials that all business-to-business brands should be using to maximize their leads and potential customers.

1.  Identifying Your Target Audience:

Knowing exactly who your buyers are is critical to every marketing effort. Segmenting your audience and targeting these pieces with tailored content, messaging, and offers is easier than ever with digital marketing, but first you have to know exactly how to break that audience up. Start by building a basic customer persona, including title, company size, industry, and other basic info, and then creating a list of the issues that your product or services solve for that buyer role. These profiles allow you to create targeted messaging that will appeal to your customers more thoroughly.

2.  Website and Homepage Maintenance:

A website is a treasure trove of lead generation tools; it is one of the first places that potential customers go to learn more information about your brand, and one of your best opportunities to convert these visitors into leads. Aside from basic technical issues (Do all URLs and links work? Is the text placed correctly on the page?), does your website answer all of the basic questions potential customers would have about your product and service? Are there multiple opportunities for the customer to actively engage with the site, and in turn leave you their contact information? These are all need-to-have elements for a successful brand website.

3.  Calls-to-Action:

In order to generate leads on your website, you must have capturing mechanisms, whether they be on-page forms, unique landing pages, or social plugins. Create an up-to-date list of all of your digital assets offered by your brand, and which lead capture methods they lead to. This way, you can track what is successful, and make adjustments as necessary.

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