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Facebook Tests Out Five Star Ratings for Company Pages: What Does This Mean for Brands?

183612658Facebook is currently testing out a new idea that could mean trouble for some companies. At the top of company pages chosen for the test, there is now a five star rating directly under the company name. As with many of their ideas and changes, during the trial period only a random selection of user accounts are exposed to it. As of right now, it is not confirmed whether Facebook will permanently implement this system or not. This major change has some positive and negative elements for brands:


1.  Prominence- If a company has a high rating, there is a very little chance that a user visiting their page will miss it in this new location.

2.  Likes- This could really help smaller companies keep up. They may struggle to generate as many likes as their larger competitors. With the rating system, even a few strong reviews will help them get noticed by potential customers.

This will help businesses shift the focus of their Facebook page back to quality content. They do not need to waste time on the more “fluffy” aspects that would draw attention to their page before. Now they can make sure they are pleasing their customers, as opposed to just getting their attention.

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