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Optimizing Your Content for Mobile SEO

178830837The two biggest trends in digital marketing, content marketing and mobile strategies, seem to be mutually exclusive entities. Content usually involves text of some time, and while advertising, search, email, and purchasing on mobile are all increasing, content consumption isn’t usually a focal point for digital marketers. However, there are several ways to ensure that your content is optimized for mobile viewing AND for mobile search. Here are five great tips, adapted from Search Engine Watch:

1.  Check your keywords: Even though Google’s Hummingbird algorithm emphasizes semantic search practices over straight keyword search, there’s no denying that keywords are still a vital part of search, particularly on mobile. Keyword research and conversion measurement are very different for mobile search as opposed to desktop; often, geographic locations and long-tailed keywords are crucial in mobile search. Double check that your current strategies account for these differences.

2.  Expand your Keyword Research and Tracking: Both mobile and desktop searches have become more complicated; both now offer the user the option to type a search term or speak it; these different search methods will require different behaviors from the user, which means that if you want to be found, you need to account for both. You need to group like keywords together; for example:

1. Burger joint

2. Burger restaurant

3. Burger joint Boston

4. Burger Restaurant Boston

5. I am looking for a burger joint in Boston

6. I am looking for a burger restaurant in Boston

These are all examples of like keywords that should be monitored for discoverability and to help you see what assets are being discovered, and from what device.

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