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Use Content Marketing to Increase & Engage Your Facebook Fans

153911435Content is the most valuable part of your Facebook page. If you understand what the most successful content for your brand and for your audience is and publish it strategically on your page, you can increase engagement with your brand on Facebook, and leverage those relationships more successfully. There are tips and tricks you can follow to make sure you are using your content to successfully engage your Facebook viewers, including these:

1.  Persuasive versus informative- When writing content for Facebook, persuasive posts tend to spur higher engagement levels than informative posts. Persuasive posts typically want something from the user, and they reach out to people’s emotions to acquire it. Take this opportunity to give your brand a personality, and show your audience how relatable you are. They will be more likely to comply rather than if they were just reading a list of facts and statistics in an informative post.

2.  Simplicity is key- This is a message that cannot be reiterated enough. Users are often just taking a quick glance, or skimming through. If your content is too long or overwhelming, they may just skip over it and move on. Visitors often view their Facebook feeds on mobile, so the simpler the layout, the easier your content is to read across all devices.

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