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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Turn Your Holidays One-Timers into Repeat Customers

84473021Many businesses experience peak sales during the holiday season, where a large part of these customers are one-time gift buyers. Several brands accept that the sales cycle ebbs and flows, with peak sales during Q4 and Q1, and a slump after the holiday rush is over. However, savvy digital marketers can help minimize the post-season slump, and actually convert those one-times into repeat or lifetime customers. Think of it as continuing a conversation; in order to know what to say, consider what type of personas there are for holiday shoppers that would re-visit your site. Search Engine Watch identifies these three personas:

  • Customers buying again for themselves
  • Customers buying more gifts
  • Customers recommending products/company to others

All of these personas involve customers who have already made a purchase; you have to keep the momentum of relationship building up, while your brand is still fresh in their minds. Continuing a conversation with these new customers is key. There are several mediums you can use to follow up with these customers, including email marketing, social media, and remarketing ads.

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