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Are Your Emails REALLY Responsive? New Study Say No

178716575We’ve been talking about responsive design and its importance to digital marketing constantly; websites, landing pages, and email designs have to adapt to fit the wide array of devices that your audience will be using to access your content. However, a recent study on brand email marketing by Bronto shows that few companies heed this advice – and even those that do struggle with creating truly responsive email designs. Of the more than 100 companies examined in the study, only 8% employed responsive design, and the display quality of those emails ranged widely depending upon the ISP and device upon which the email was viewed.

Bronto took sample email messages from each company and monitored them on both the browser and app versions of Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, as well as the default email app of each device used in the study. Not only did they find that responsive email designs rendered differently on each ISP, but several examples showed that results varied even within different formats on the same ISP; for example, a web version of Gmail on an Android phone did not scale the test email, nor did it process the responsive code at all. This failure isn’t controllable by brands or email marketers, even those that use responsive design; ISPs constantly update how content is rendered.

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