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Mobile Websites: Are You Doing it Wrong? Probably, According to Study

178569898Designing and maintaining a mobile optimized or dedicated site is crucial to converting potential customers, but it can be hard work. If you’re struggling to keep your mobile site in tip top shape, you’re not alone: according to a recent study by Pure Oxygen Labs revealed that out of the 100 top U.S. retailers online, 97% with mobile website were missing the redirect header values required by Google. Additionally, 22% of brands studied have desktop URLs that redirect mobile users to error pages (either the 404 “page not found” error or one of the 500 series of internal server errors), and 67% of the surveyed brands had multiple errors and irrelevant redirects across their sampled URLs. What does all of this mean? Even the big brands are struggling with operating a mobile website, and as such, are missing out on opportunities to engage and convert a growing segment of visitors – mobile users.

These errors make it difficult or impossible for mobile users to visit a webpage, limiting or locking out potential leads and customers. Just as bad as that, these problems make brands engage inadvertently in spammy techniques, which could result in a punishment from Google and other search engines in terms of rankings. An example cited within the Pure Oxygen Labs study outlines how this happens:

“The most common server-side methods of redirecting smartphones to mobile URLs closely resemble an old-school SEO spam tactic called bait-and-switch redirects¸ in which optimized content is served to spider user-agents (like Googlebot) while un-optimized content is served to other user-agents (like humans). Google requires webmasters to tag or disclose when content at a URL (such as “”) varies by user-agent. This is intended to help avoid inadvertent downgrades by spam-checking algorithms.”

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