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When Branding Goes Bad: Attack of the Tagline

158217439One of a brand marketer’s main challenges is discovering how to keep a company relevant to its customer base; describing in a quick, memorable way what the brand does, what it stands for, and how it helps improve the lives of its consumers. One of the most enduring ways to accomplish this goal is to create a short, memorable tagline to accompany the company branding. However, like everything creative, coming up with a clever, informative tagline can be difficult – even some of the world’s largest brands have made some unfortunate branding mistakes. Here are some of our contenders for worst taglines ever:

1.  Denny’s – A Good Place to Sit and Eat

Boring! Not only is it not memorable, but it does not help Denny’s stand out at all from its vast competition in the casual dining industry. This tagline could just as easily describe every other restaurant that Denny’s competes with for customers. Fortunately, Denny’s recently came to its senses and changed the brand tagline to “America’s Diner is Always Open”, which communicates a direct benefit (24/7 access) and differentiates it from every other casual restaurant (it’s America’s diner).

2.  Exxon – We’re Exxon

Well, that’s nice. The tagline doesn’t communicate anything the company name doesn’t already. What does Exxon do? Why should consumers choose Exxon over the competition? There is no information in this tagline, and it is certainly not memorable.

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