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The 1 Secret to Improved Email Marketing in 2014

181412447You’ve heard us and others talk about how email marketing is still a highly successful, important element of digital marketing. You know that you need to create compelling content, incorporate a responsive design, test your emails, and generate great offers to convert leads from email. But it’s 2014 – isn’t there a way to shake up email marketing, and make your brand’s messaging stand out? As it turns out, there is one GIANT way to take your email marketing over the top: incorporate video in your emails.

In the past, embedding videos in marketing emails has been considered a dangerous practice – videos were big, clunky, slow to load, and dragged down deliverability rates. However, there are several new advents in technology that have made videos in email a viable option, including:

1.  3rd Party plugins/extensions aren’t needed any more – Originally, in order to play a video, a user needed a 3rd party plugin, such as Flash or Quicktime. Since plugins often came with added security risks, emails containing video were often sent straight to the Spam folder, never reaching the recipient. Additionally, many users who did not have the plugin already installed would not do so just to read an email. But now, embedded videos don’t require an additional extension to play, and users can view video on multiple devices thanks to the next technological advance: HTML5.

2.  HTML5 – Before the widespread adoption of HTML5, video files were humongous, which severely weighed down an email, taking minutes to open the message and download the video. But this new coding language simply uses an HTML <video> tag to deliver the video without the need for a plugin. Additionally, HTML5 allows the marketer to designate a list of media types that can be displayed, so even the small minority of users whose email client won’t allow for video will instead see a different media file of the marketer’s choosing – a static image from the video, or a GIF made from the video itself. Emails end up in the inbox, and the user always has a positive experience with the email content.

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