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Facebook is Changing and You Should Too

460880409Uh oh, they’ve done it again. If you’re a longtime Facebook user, you know that Facebook has changed a countless number of times over the years. We’ve seen the introduction of the news feed, cover photos, and even full redesigns of the homepage.

The most recent changes from the social media giant are going to have a major effect on social media marketers, especially those who rely heavily on Facebook. Facebook has updated their newsfeed ranking algorithm to ensure that their users are seeing high quality content.

The algorithm update treats posts from users’ friends differently than posts from brand or company pages. It is difficult to say how brands can position their content in users’ feeds, but there are a few things you should keep in mind that will help you with Facebook’s recent update:

1. Link-Share – Facebook has been vague about which type of content will generate the most traffic, but they‘ve been very explicit about the best way to share links. Facebook suggests using a link-share rather than embedding links in statuses. Link-sharing creates more engagement and it adds aesthetic value to your post. Look at this site for a better understanding of embedding vs link-share.

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