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You Won’t Believe Our Process for Creating Shareable AND Search Engine-Friendly Headlines

???????????????One of the most controversial new trends in digital publishing involves maybe the smallest element of any content piece: the title. What journalists traditionally refer to as “the lede” has always had an important job – to draw readers in and to make them concentrate on that one particular story. Now, however, titles have to take on even more work; aside from drawing readers in, they have to also convince those readers to share that content across social networks, and they also have to alert search engines as to the subject of the content piece. It’s a lot to ask of a single phrase or sentence. Several media and content distribution sites have taken to creating “clickbait” out of their titles – long sentences that create a logic gap between the promised content and an emotional appeal to the reader.

Take this post’s title; this is a classic example of the new form of clickbait: it depends upon human curiosity and the possibility of shock value. You won’t believe it, because it’s so outrageous, or easy, or something – but what? Now you have to find out. Additionally, it creates the assumption that the reader doesn’t know how to create shareable and search-engine friendly headlines and challenges the reader with this assumption. While this example is innocuous enough, some forms of clickbait have become insidious and deliberately deceitful.

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