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Score a Touchdown with Your Ad Campaign

450696201On February 2nd the biggest football game of the year will be played. While it may be an important day in the world of sports, it’s also the biggest day in the advertising world. The Super Bowl showcases some of the most creative and expensive advertisements that we’ll see all year.

In the past there have been some industry giants that have become regulars during Super Bowl intermissions. Companies such as Budweiser, GoDaddy, and Pepsi continue to shell out the big bucks for thirty seconds of glory, hoping that an intriguing commercial will lead to increased sales and brand recognition.

Chances are, your company probably won’t be spending millions on one commercial. However, you can still learn something from the companies that will be featured during Sunday’s game. We’ve provided some tips that regardless of the size of your budget, will help you optimize the quality of your online ad campaigns.

1.  Create Buzz Around Your Campaign – Even before their commercials air, many of the large companies have created teaser commercials or YouTube promo videos. For example, Bud Light’s teaser commercial featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger playing ping pong has created quite a stir. Similarly, your company can create a buzz around a new product or service that is approaching its release date. Social media is a great way to do this. Start with fans of your Facebook page. Facebook fans are usually your most loyal customers so they will show interest and give feedback regarding posts about your new offering.

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