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Oops: Recovering from an Email Marketing Error

133428188We might not like to admit it, but even marketers are human. Every once in a while, despite the planning, testing, and quality assurance that every digital campaign receives, a mistake can slip through. While embarrassing on any channel, a mistake can feel especially egregious in an email marketing campaign; that typo or broken link was just beamed into the inboxes of your most active audience. Should you ever experience an email error, take a deep breath: we’ve all been there. Then, follow these steps to recover gracefully:

1.  Evaluate the situation: Not all email marketing mistakes are created equally. Examine what happened, and decide whether or not a response is needed. As cringeworthy as a copy typo might be to you, calling attention to it with an apology or follow up email will seem like overkill to your recipients, and might call more attention to the typo than it originally garnered. If the mistake actually impacts the desired user action (you included the wrong offer, or the link to your landing page is broken), you need to respond promptly and appropriately.

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