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Sochi’s Social Media Problem: What Businesses Can Learn About Branding


February 7th marked the beginning of the highly anticipated winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. While tradition still shines with the passing of the touch and the elaborate opening ceremonies, social media is still a relatively new aspect of this iconic event. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become accessible to many in their everyday lives, and they’ve given viewers at home the opportunity to be a part of the Games like never before.

Not only do we get a more in depth look at our favorite athletes, but we are able to voice our opinions about the Games as well. While this may be positive to us, the viewers at home, it is certainly not to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), whose tasks include maintaining a positive brand image and to keep controversy surrounding the Olympics low.

It was rumored in November that no athletes or spectators at the Olympic Games would be allowed to use social media while participating in the event, though this proved to be false. Participants are allowed to engage in social media, as long as they follow the rules.

The IOC have released social media, blogging, and internet guidelines for participants and viewers of the Sochi 2014 Olympics to try to minimize any potential branding blunders. This comes as no surprise, as we are all familiar with past scandals involving Olympic participants and social media. While the rules to state that they want participants to enjoy and express themselves freely, there are precautions and guidelines to follow.

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