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Don’t Leave Your Customers Brokenhearted: How to Create a Great Valentine’s Day Campaign

83402605It’s that time of the year again. Some call it Singles Awareness Day, but most of us know it as Valentine’s Day. A day where love, romance, and chocolate fill the air. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to approach your crush or send a special message to your loved one. However, it also gives brands a chance to get involved in the festivities.

In general, holidays are good opportunities for brands to start campaigns and gain awareness. It’s estimated that the average person will spend $135.10 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Considering that statistic, a little holiday creativity can go a long way.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to get creative. If your brand can create something that will emotionally connect to potential customers, your Valentine’s Day will be a huge success. Many brands have done this in the past and been successful. Others have failed to capitalize on this opportunity, or worse, have completely botched a great idea. Below you can find some good and bad examples that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Great Valentine’s Day Campaigns:

  • Romance on Demand – In 2013, car service company Uber created a unique and engaging Valentine’s Day campaign. On February 14, Uber users could request flowers to be sent to their loved ones by an Uber driver. Uber had a simple yet very useful idea that their users loved. They also created a great promotional video and complimented it with a social hashtag, #romanceondemand. Uber added some Valentine’s Day romance while staying true to their convenient and innovative nature.
  • Will You Barry Me? – Barry’s Bootcamp, a gym offering group fitness classes, made a simple yet effective campaign in honor of Valentine’s Day. On their Boston location Facebook page they posted a picture of an exercise band shaped like a heart with the words “Will You Barry Me” written across the picture. Barry’s is using an eye catching picture and a catchy slogan to promote a free trial on Valentines’ Day for first time users.

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