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SEO Is Not the Lone Ranger: How to Maximize its Success with an Integrated Campaign

177006444Brands and business owners are bombarded by information and opinions regarding the importance of an SEO strategy to their financial success. We agree with that theory in general, but we recognize that that statement is a little misleading; while important, SEO is not magic; it can help elevate brand visibility and direct larger traffic streams to a company website, but it can’t do all of the work for you. If you want to get the most out of your SEO – and your digital presence – you have to integrate it into a larger digital marketing strategy in order to sustainably boost conversions and sales.

SEO drives traffic to your site, but it doesn’t keep it there. You need those users to convert on your website – to take some desired action, whether it’s to fill out a contact form, download an asset, or make a purchase. SEO can’t help you make conversions; that’s your website design’s job. SEO success is ultimately measured by conversions, so invest in both SEO and in website design and maintenance.

Once you have converted that user, you need to maintain the relationship – after all, the key to success is not just converting a user one time, but further converting that customer into a repeat and hopefully lifetime customer. SEO got them to your initial touchpoint, but it won’t help nurture that relationship. Instead, email marketing and social media interactions are great ways to encourage repeat purchases, and to reward customers with exclusive offers. Email marketing strategies and social media marketing strategies are key for continuing the marketing success that SEO triggers.

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