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You Paid How Much for That?! Mozilla Offers Consumers & Developers a Unique Opportunity

for-0226In 2014, Mozilla has big plans. The software company intends to make smartphones affordable and accessible to everyone, and is giving web developers a chance to help them succeed.

On February 23rd, Mozilla announced that they are planning on producing $25 Firefox OS Smartphones. Mozilla had 15 international markets in 2013, and are expanding into 12 new markets throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. These countries, including Argentina, the Czech Republic, and Montenegro, all fall under Mozilla’s target demographics for their new product- countries that IOS and Android still haven’t been able to capture, as their products are too expensive. Mozilla wants their phone to be affordable but still have all of the smartphone features, and the company goal to “reach the ‘next billion’ in smartphone users.”

Mozilla has teamed up with Chinese chip design company Spreadtrum Communications, who will be providing them with the smartphone SC6821 and SC7710 WCDMA  chipsets. Although the Mozilla OS will not be as sophisticated or developed as an IOS or Android (which owns 90% of the current smartphone market), it will be equipped with similar features. Mozilla has instructed the public to compare this phone to a feature phone rather than other smartphones, as the chipset used to create the OS will use low memory configuration (512MB RAM), an attribute that is keeping the phone inexpensive. The OS will be the first phone that is completely powered by web technologies. The current model of the smartphone will have social media applications, a camera, and the Firefox web browser and app store. Additionally, the phone will feature an app that takes the users’ interests and needs and adapts the phone to meet them. Mozilla hopes to not just make this phone affordable, but serve individualistic qualities to match the phones users.

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